Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I wish you all the best!
Here at the David Peters Studio I have not kept up with my usual one-a-day posts (and feeling guilty about it). Having already covered just about every clade out there, I’m reduced to commenting about the paleo news as it comes out and rechecking all the links and data at ReptileEvolution.com, which this blog post supports.

I’ve also managed to squeeze out
a few papers. Digging deeper into various subjects always brings up some dirt and some gold. There’s no reward in publishing a paper, other than the personal satisfaction in knowing you’ve shed a little light on the dark corners of a subject.

It’s important for all of us to be life-long learners.

Thank you
for your readership.

7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, Everyone!

  1. One intriguing clade which I haven’t seen you cover is Sauropoda. Underrated morphological diversity there but also a fair bit of confusion as far as where certain genera/clades go.

  2. Another vote of appreciation for your dedication. My first — and continuing — reaction to your work is how awesomely complex the fossil record is. And how much our knowledge of the past grows year by year and decade by decade.

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