A 1986 tribute to every paleontologist’s favorite cartoonist

On July 10. 2020
there was a strange bump in the number of people accessing this blogsite. Turns out 266 people accessed this page on the day cartoonist Gary Larson came back into the news. Here’s a NYTimes article from December 2019 previewing his return. 

Here are 14 minutes of a 1986 interview with Gary Larson
whose Far Side cartoons decorated the doors of every professional paleontologist back in the day. Click on the image to view in YouTube.

The Far Side series ended
on January 1, 1995 with Larson’s retirement.

Figure 1. Gary Larson, recent photo.

Figure 1. Gary Larson, recent photo.

Larson has asked people
not to use Far Side cartoons on the internet, writing a widely distributed letter in which he explains the “emotional cost” to him of people displaying his cartoons on their websites and asks them to stop doing so. If you want to see his work, it’s on his website below.