Third attempt to understand the second ‘Oculudentavis’ in amber FAILS AGAIN due to taxon exclusion

Eleven lepidosaur experts worldwide came up short, by their own admissionFrom the ‘In brief” paragraph: “Bolet et al. describe a second, more complete, specimen of the mid-Cretaceous genus Oculudentavis (new species) from the amber deposits of Myanmar. Comparative morphology and … Continue reading

Little Ligulalepis grabbed headlines in 2018 (due to taxon exclusion)

Academic and publicity headlines:“The most primitive osteichthyan braincase?” “Neurocranial anatomy of an enigmatic Early Devonian fish shed light on early osteichthyan evolution.” No. Far from it. Living moray eels (genus: Gymnothorax) have a much more primitive osteichthyan braincase than Ligulalepis … Continue reading