Tynskya and Messelastur enter the LRT with overlooked bird taxa

Today two birds enter the LRT, nesting at nodes the experts overlooked. Both were considered closely related members of the clade Messelasturidae. “Initially interpreted as stem-owls, more recent studies have shown that they are actually closely related to modern parrots and … Continue reading

The best ‘Sordes’ uropatagium… is another overlooked wing

This much talked about, but rarely seen ‘Sordes’ specimen (Fig. 1), has been known for decades. It made a brief appearance some 30 years ago at an SVP talk by David Unwin where it caused quite a stir. I haven’t … Continue reading

Overlooked relationship: Killifish are tiny barracuda in the LRT

An aquarium favorite, the killifish (Fundulus, Figs. 1, 3) now nests with the much larger open ocean predator, the barracuda (Sphyraena, Figs. 2, 4) in the large reptile tree (LRT, 1795+ taxa, Fig. x). This hypothesis of interrelationships appears to … Continue reading

Orodus: another overlooked taxon at the shark-bony fish transition

Another overlooked human ancestor enters the large reptile tree (LRT, 1793+ taxa) and with it, new light is shed on the history of how we came to be. Orodus greggi  (Agassiz 1838, Late Pennsylvanian to Early Permian 300mya, 2m long) … Continue reading

An overlooked clade of angel shark-mimics among the lobefins

Long one today: with lots of pictures (Figs. 1–8) and a large cladogram (Fig. 9). There is a clade of Early Devonian skate-mimic bony fish recovered by the large reptile tree (LRT, 1757+ taxa). They are tucked into the lobefin … Continue reading

Microsyops enters the LRT between three overlooked shrew opossums

Silcox, Gunnell and Bloch 2020 described the cranium of Microsyops annectens (Leidy 1872, Marsh 1872, Fig. 1), but were not able to nest it phylogenetically due to taxon exclusion. The authors mistakenly kept calling it a plesidapiform and mistakenly considered … Continue reading

Dialipina: an overlooked coelacanth (clade: Actinistia)

Early Devonian Dialipina (Figs. 2, 4,5) has been described as, ‘the oldest known actinopterygian’, Clement et al. 2018 nested Dialipina as the outgroup to the stem bony fish on their cladogram (Fig. 1). It was orignally considered a palaeonisciform, like Cheirolepis. … Continue reading