Hone 2020 reviews anurognathid pterosaurs

Here’s a new paper from Dr. DWE Hone (2020). Quoting Hone’s own publicity sheet regarding the paper, “there’s not a huge amount to talk about here since as it’s a review, it doesn’t contain too much that’s new.” Even so, … Continue reading

Mellivora enters the LRT in a clade of giant honey badgers

Finally we know more about an extinct placental clade that no one else recognized as an extinct placental clade. Clade members in the LRT included Patriofelis, Sarkastodon and Kerberos (Fig. 1). Now a living member, the honey badger, Mellivora capensis (also Fig. … Continue reading

Hone et al. 2020 vs. Rhamphorhynchus

Long one today. Summary, for those in a hurry: Hone et al. 2020 bring us their views on Rhamphorhynchus ontogeny (= growth from hatchling to adult). Unfortunately, this study is based on several invalid assumptions. Lacking a phylogenetic context, Hone et … Continue reading

Elgin and Hone 2020 document two large Solnhofen pterosaur wings

Two large, disassociated, but strongly similar Solnhofen pterosaur wings, SMNK 6990 (Fig. 1) and MB.R.559.1 (Fig. 2) were described in detail by Elgin and Hone 2020. Unfortunately they did so without a phylogenetic analysis and therefore presented no firm hypothesis of interrelationships. In … Continue reading

The Tyrannosaur Chronicles by David Hone

A new book by Dr. David Hone called The Tyrannosaur Chronicles is now out. He reports here, “Although there is no more famous and recognisable dinosaur than Tyrannosaurus, the public perception of the animal is often greatly at odds with … Continue reading

Pterosaurs were unlikely floaters: Hone and Henderson (2013, 2014)

Recently Hone and Henderson (2013) conducted computational experiments with four digital pterosaur models (Fig. 1) and report, “we show that the floating posture of pterodactyloid pterosaurs led to the head, neck and body being horizontal with the ventral 1/4 to 1/3 being … Continue reading