4 natural history museum tours on YouTube + 2 bonus videos

Today: Some short YouTube museum tour videos without narration
and two bonus videos on continental drift and on becoming a PhD.

1 Wyoming Dinosaur Center at Thermoplis:

2 San Antonio Museum in Texas:

3 American Museum of Natural History in New York:

Field Museum in Chicago:

Bonus video #1
the best I’ve seen on the history of continental drift:

Bonus video #2
A young man on TEDx discusses the ups and downs of PhD students.

Given these strict parameters, high expenses and meager, postponed rewards,
it’s no wonder why so many PhDs and PhD candidates dismiss and attempt to suppress published and unpublished work by enthusiastic outsiders without a science degree. They must see ReptileEvolution.com as taking an academic short-cut. Not paying the price. Not doing it the ‘right’ (= traditional) way.

By contrast I see ReptileEvolution.com as a retirement project. Every day I simply add taxa to a growing phylogenetic analysis. Sadly, no one with a PhD, worse yet: no one else on the planet, has wanted to do this for the last nine years. So, at present, there is no competing analysis with a similar taxon list. Given that the typical PhD project can last for two to eight years, a competing cladogram would make a great PhD project!

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