New yeti tracks?

Photos from Mountaineers in the Indian Army
show several long (32″) prints in the snow, one directly in front of the other. The New York Times covered the story (see citation below).

Figure 1. 2019 yeti tracks found in Nepal and posted online.

Figure 1. 2019 yeti tracks found in Nepal and posted online. That’s an ice pick alongside for scale. Is this a combo track? See text.

These are definitely not bear tracks.
The large digit 1 tells us they were made by a primate… if this is a single impression.

The only question is…
did the primate use its own feet to make foot tracks, or was it wearing yeti shoes? Or is this a combination track?

only one footprint is shown. It would have been more useful to see a complete set, to see if there was a right foot also, and what variation there might be as the trackmaker navigated the terrain, its own weight shifts, etc.

It’s a nice first step.
To its credit, the trackmaker had parallel interphalangeal lines (PILs). Cheap knock-offs and fakes generally overlook this detail. The NY story suggests it is a combination track from a mama bear and her cub. We should consider all possibilities.

NY story


4 thoughts on “New yeti tracks?

  1. Just thought I’d weigh in here. Now, I don’t quite know the right terminology for stuff relating to the soft tissue of feet, but there is something I’ve noticed about these tracks.

    In human feet, the curve on the side of the foot is on the inner side, followed by a soft tissue bulge around the metatarsals, and the big toe. In these footprints, we see the exact opposite. That curve is on the outer side, leading up to the little toe. Now, this isn’t quite right – assuming that the creature that “produced” these tracks is related to humans (as the digit arrangement implies), the curve should be on the inner side.

    It may just be me, but I’m not convinced. Yes, the inclusion of interphalangeal lines implies that the hoaxer certainly put in a lot of effort, but either way, I don’t think this is real. But that’s just me.

    Sorry about the rant, but I’ve never really been able to comment on this footprint before!

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