Dr J Gauthier lecture video on birds + dinos

If you watch this…
Stay for the brilliant question and answer period at the end.

returning to an earlier subject…
Geologist Randall Carlson reports on Joe Rogan Experience #606 (1:35:44) —  “See, here’s the thing. Modern science does tend to get over specialized. And so what happens is, they guy looking at extinctions might not be looking at glacial melting. The guy looking at glacial melting… the geologist is not looking at what’s going on in the sky. They’re not looking at traditions, you know, traditions from thousands of years ago. What it does is, because of the powerful of this specialization, this specialization is extremely powerful, but the thing of it is… it’s easy to miss the big picture. What that does is, it opens the door for generalists, guys who are just, people who are just, men or women, anybody who is curious about this stuff, look into it and try to see the big picture.”

In other words…
taxon exclusion problems can be solved by a wide gamut analysis of the entire range of tetrapods now known.

Joe Rogan says (1:37:46),
“People love to be able to dismiss anything that’s not mainstream, right?” To which Randall Carlson replies, “Because there’s this cult of authority.” Randall Carlson continues (1:38:40) “They’ve got this idea in their mind that there’s this authority that’s got it all explained, which makes it easy, because if somebody’s got this all explained, then we don’t need to concern ourselves with it or think about it. Right? So, what I see is, ‘Okay… forget about who says what. Look at the facts. Let the facts dictate to us what the meaning of all this is. And let’s look at all points of view.” 

The idea that a meteor impact ended the last Ice Age,
and killed the northern megafauna first proposed by Randall Carlson and others gained new hard evidence with the recent discovery of a Paris-sized crater on the north rim of Greenland. Details and videos here: https://earthsky.org/earth/meteorite-crater-under-greenland-ice

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