Flugsaurier 2018: Pterosaur crest and pelvis news – you heard it here first

Flugsaurier 2018 part 6
Since the purpose of the symposium is increase understanding of pterosaurs, I hope this small contribution helps.

Cheng, Jiang, Wang and Kellner 2018
concluded: “The size of pelvic channel and the presence and absence of premaxillary crest may not be used for distinguishing the gender of wukongopterid pterosaurs.”

That’s confirmation
of an earlier finding first discussed here. and basically throughout the seven-year course of this blogpost. Click here for Pteranodon crest phylogenetic variation. Here for Darwinopterus.

Cheng X, Jiang S-X, Wang X-L and Kellner AWA 2018. The wukongopterid cranial crests and pelves: sexual dimorphism or not? Flugsaurier 2018: the 6th International Symposium on Pterosaurs. Los Angeles, USA. Abstracts: 33–34.


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