European evolution

The attached video from YouTube
shows the changing boundaries and populations of various clades of Europeans and their invading neighbors evolving over a brief amount of time: only 2417 years. You’ll witness growth, death, aggression, expansion, division, union, stasis, invasion, decay and exploration.

In evolutionary terms, Europe is a petrie dish
and we who have ancestors that lived there with rising and falling fortunes. And there is no reason to suggest that things will never change in the future. Similar videos have appeared for Asia, the world, various words, etc. etc.

Things happen.
Weather changes. Volcanoes spew. Diseases decimate. People interbreed and emigrate. Languages change. So does DNA. Sometimes education is elevated. Sometimes religion is elevated. Sometimes slaves are imported. Sometimes slaves are freed. Sometimes autocrats run amok. Sometimes cooler heads prevail.

Somehow everyone living today
had an unbroken chain of ancestors going back to tetrapods in the Devonians, chordates in the Cambrian and worms in the Ediacaran and beyond. All of this is evolution at its finest, both short term (Fig. 1) and long.

1 thought on “European evolution

  1. Not sure about ‘nations’, but the maps and trees of languages are a good partial analogy to organic evolution although with more sideways transfer of material than in higher organisms at least. Still change with limited modification generally applies.

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