E. O. Wilson: Advice for young scientists

Readers of this blogpost will appreciate
what the ‘Ant Man’ E. O. Wilson has to say to budding scientists. Click the image to play.

Wilson’s principles:

  1. Find a field which interests you deeply and focus on that.
  2. A certain level of a subject (e.g. mathematics) is already enough to achieve excellence.
  3. March away from the sound of the guns. (don’t enter the fray, create your own fray)
  4. The more difficult the problem; the greater will be the importance of the solution

One of the responders wrote:
“One thing I would say to any scientist – including young scientists – is to avoid dogma. Scientists these days are guilty of things that they sometimes accuse religious people of, and that is making speculations and passing them as fact. If you have a hypothesis or claim, prove it! Write a paper detailing your methodology, describe your results and put forward your conclusion. Then let the reader come to his or her own conclusion whether your hypothesis has any merit.”

1 thought on “E. O. Wilson: Advice for young scientists

  1. Absolutely CORRECT!!!!!!!! Anybody want to be moronic enough to disagree with me? WAY too much “science” these days is judged by WHO says it AND!!!! IF said person is with the “IN” crowd. David here is hardly the only victim.

    When any person’s thesis is judged upon whether an “authority” approves of that person or their methodology (does it fit in with what the “authority” proclaims is the only proper way to do things), then true science ceases being served.

    There is way more I can say. Anybody ready?

    P.S.–Anyone pointing to old DP posts will be ignored. Anyone pointing to a certain old article by a well known “authority” will have what that article is REALLY saying pointed out to them.

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