Birds in the LRT with suggested nomenclature

Updated February 4, 2018 with new taxa and new provisional clade names.

Figure 1. More taxa, updated tree, new clade names.

Figure 1. More taxa, updated tree, new clade names.

Just a moment to update
the bird subset of the large reptile tree (LRT, 1157 taxa). Given the present taxon list, this is the order they fall into using the generalized characters used throughout the LRT. The names applied here are used in traditional studies, but perhaps not following previous definitions. If this cladogram can be validated by other morphological studies, then perhaps these clade names can retain their usefulness.

Does anyone see
in this list two ‘related’ taxa that do not resemble one another more so than any other taxon? If so, that needs to be noted and repaired.

4 thoughts on “Birds in the LRT with suggested nomenclature

  1. TBQH it look almost random in places, as if totally unlike genera have been uprooted and dropped somewhere else at random. _Passer_!!! Swallows stuck between nuthatches and dippers/wrens, auks (some!) near to doves, others in an entirely different place.
    Dunno what you’ve been drinking but maybe I should try some. Definitely not Kool Aid …

    • You’re omitting the dodos and vultures that tie auks distantly to doves. Dodos have traditionally been associated with doves. I’m extending the clade to NW vultures and auks – all derived from petrels. So, auks are flightless polar petrels. Dodos are flightless tropical petrels. Vultures are terrestrial petrels. And doves are city vultures. Think of it that way, and it will make more sense.

  2. This is honestly just a mess. Your ‘Hesperornithes’ might as well be Odontornithes, and your ‘Palaeognathae’ Ratites since it excludes tinamous. Your ‘Accipitriformes’ is better off as Raptores. Note your ‘Charadriiformes’ excludes Charadrius, so that won’t work. You realize your ‘Corvidae’ is going to include most passeriforms, and you’d have it be a family?

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