More PVL 4597 post-crania

Lecuona et al. 2017 
redescribe the post-crania of the basal archosaur and basal Crocodylomorph (in the large reptile tree = LRT), Gracilisuchus. They used six specimens and recovered them as basal Suchia (= aetosaurs, rauisuchians and crocodylomorphs). The LRT does not recover these three monophyletic clades in one larger monophyletic clade. So the LRT does not support the ‘Suchia’ as a clade.

Figure 1. The PVL 4597 specimen attributed to Gracilisuchus by Lecuona et al. 2017, but nesting at the base of the Dinosauria in the LRT.

Figure 1. The PVL 4597 specimen attributed to Gracilisuchus by Lecuona et al. 2017, but nesting at the base of the Dinosauria in the LRT. The pelvis of Herrerasaurus is shown on frame 2 of this simple animation. 

Lecuona et al. excluded from their analysis several taxa that nest close to Gracilisuchus in the large reptile tree. These include Saltopus and Scleromochlus, which nest as sisters to Gracilisuchus in the LRT. Lewisuchus is mentioned in the text and combined as a chimaera with Pseudolagosuchus, but I don’t see the combo in the published trees. Their cladogram includes several suprageneric taxa (always to be avoided) including ‘Pterosauromorpha’ (= pterosaurs + Scleromochlus, not recovered as a clade in the LRT as a clade and how would one score such an internally varied taxon??).

Lecuona et al. nest their purported Gracilisuchus specimens together.
By contrast the LRT nests PVL 4597 at the base of the Dinosauria.

the authors provide more data on the provisional dinosaur outgroup taxon, PVL 4597, so far based on hind limb traits only (Lecuona and Desojo 2011. The preserved skull in the specimen has not yet been published.

As in the LRT
the authors also find a close relationship between Turfanosuchus and Gracilisuchus. Unlike the LRT, they nest Yonghesuchus between them. The LRT nests it as a sister to Dromicosuchus.

It’s not common for a specimen to be published in bits and pieces
The original pelvis data came out 6 years ago. The new data for PVL 4597 (Fig. 1) still lacks the skull, which will be published in the future. I have written to Dr. Lecuona encouraging an expansion of the taxon list. I also hope the suprageneric taxa will be broken up into lists of genera.

Lecuona A and Desojo, JB 2011. Hind limb osteology of Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum (Archosauria: Pseudosuchia). Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 102 (2): 105–128.
Lecuona A, Desojo JB and Pol D 2017.
New information on the postcranial skeleton of Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum (Archosauria: Suchia) and reappraisal of its phylogenetic position. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society zlx011 1–40.

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