Walking around like a chicken with its head cut off

Since chickens are dinosaurs,
one wonders if such stories (see below) ever replayed in the Mesozoic after a predator encounter.

Figure 1. Mike the headless chicken, circa 1945. Click for webpage.

Figure 1. Mike the headless chicken, circa 1945. Click for webpage.

I happened to be listening to a story on NPR (National Public Radio) today
about a chicken surviving three days with its head cut off, and memories of my time as a kid on a Nebraska farm seeing the same, inspired today’s blog.

Here’a a YouTube video of a headless chicken for the morbidly curious, apparently from China.

And here’s another video about Mike, the headless chicken, back in the 1940s. He lived for, they say, 18 months after his decapitation. And here is another video about Mike. There’s a Wikipedia article here. And there’s even a website devoted to Mike where you can get T-shirts and other such memorabilia if you you are so inclined.

Apparently if you cut too high,
part of the brainstem and an inner ear can remain connected to the nervous system. So the chicken can maintain balance, react to sounds and have no head.




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