Four years of Pterosaur Heresies

I overlooked the anniversary
On July 12, 2011 the Pterosaur Heresies was first published online to support the website with news and reviews. At that time the large reptile tree included 238 taxa. Four years and 1440 posts later that number has grown to 586 taxa with greater resolution between sisters due to their greater number and reduced distance.

The tree topology
from back then is largely the same now with a diphyletic Reptilia arising from gephyrostegids, but now Gephyrostegus bohemicus nests as the basalmost reptile, the one that laid the first amniotic eggs and the last common ancestor of all known reptiles. It has no traditional amniote skeletal traits.

There were several other accomplishments
along the way, most gained by having a large gamut cladogram of reptile interrelationships to check smaller, more focused, more traditional published reports. Several myths were busted (but most of those will never die among traditional paleontologists). Several enigmas were resolved. Several mistakes were corrected, both in here and out there.

Thank you for your interest in this site.
While most of the enigmas and mysteries have been verifiably resolved, there are always new ones that pop up occasionally.


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