The holotype of Nesodactylus is missing!

The holotype of Nesodactylus (Fig. 1) has been lost from the collection of the American Museum of Natural History. And it has been lost for several years. According to Carl Mehling of the AMNH, when asked about it this morning, “Sadly, it is still missing. But it did not disappear in the mail – No one seems to know what happened to it.”

Figure 1. Nesodactylus reconstructed.

Figure 1. Nesodactylus reconstructed. This taxon nests within various specimens of Campylognathoides in the large pterosaur tree.

Nesodactylus hesperius (Colbert 1969 ) AMNH FR 2000 Oxfordian, Late Jurassic ~158 mya, was considered a novel genus, but here it is derived from a sister to the C5 specimen of Campylognathoides and phylogenetically preceded the C3 specimen of Campylognathoides. That indicates Nesodactylus was a mislabeled specimen of Campylognathoides. It was much less complete than the other specimens.

So, who has Nesodactylus?
Raise your hand and send that specimen back to the AMNH!

Colbert EH 1969. A Jurassic Pterosaur from Cuba. American Museum Novitates, New York, 2370: 1-26.


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