Novel insights – part 4

Earlier here, here and here we looked at novel insights recovered from the large reptile tree. Today we’ll continue with basal archosauromorphs in part 4.

New Archosauromorpha 1

  1. EldeceeonGephyrostegus watsoni and Solenodonsaurus are basal archosauromorph amniotes, not anamniotes
  2. The Synapsida is not the first clade to branch off from the Amniota. Nine clades in the archosauromorpha alone branch off first.
  3. A sister to Ophiacodon gave rise to Haptodus and Cutleria, a basal therapsid.
  4. The basal split in therapsids separates anomodonts from the rest of the therapsids.
  5. Anomocephalus and Tiarajudens are giant dromasaurs.
  6. Some former or apparent synapsids, including Mycterosaurus, Heleosaurus and Mesenosaurus and others were basal pre-diapsids.
  7. Milleropsis is not a millerettid, but a pre-diapsid.
  8. Eudibamus is a basal diapsid.
  9. Spinoaequalis is a basal diapsid basal to all terrestrial and marine younginiforms.
  10. Pachypleurosaurs, like Anarosaurus, are basal to placodonts, plesiosaurs, mesosaurs, thalattosaurs and ichthyosaurs.
  11. Mesosaurs are sisters to thalattosaurs + ichthyosaurs
  12. Vancleavea is a thalattosaur, not an archosauriform.
  13. Various specimens of Youngina are basal to protosaurs and archosauriforms.
  14. Various specimens are Proterosuchus are basal to pararchosauriforms, including Doswellia,Teraterpeton and Lagerpeton.
  15. Choristodera lost the antorbital fenestra and were derived from BPI 2871.

More later.



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