Novel insights – part 2

Earlier we looked at some of the novel paleontological insights brought to you by Today we’ll continue with the higher (new) lepidosauromorphs.

New Lepidosauromorpha 2

  1. Macroleter and Lanthanosuchus are sister taxa.
  2. Nyctiphruretus, Sauropareion and owenettids are not procolophonids. They are pre-lepidosauriformes.
  3. Coletta is not a procolophonid, but a basal lepidosauriform.
  4. Saurosternon and Palaegama are basal to the erroneously-called ‘rib’ gliders.
  5. Coelurosauravus and Mecistotrachelos are sisters to the kuehneosaurids with homologous dermal structures (not ribs).
  6. Xianglong is a late surviving sister to the kuehneosaurids, not related to Dracothe living rib glider, which does indeed glide with its ribs, distinct from the others.
  7. Basal lepidosaurs split between sphenodontids and tritosaurs + pre-squamates.
  8. Basal sphenodontids include Megachirella, Pleurosaurus and Marmoretta.
  9. Derived sphenodontids include Azendohsaurus, Trilophosaurus, rhynchosaurs and their kin with several taxa, like Eohyosaurus as transitional taxa.
  10. Tritosauria is an overlooked clade of lepidosaurs. It contains Huehuecuetzpalli, Tijubina, MacrocnemusLangobardisaurus, Tanystropheus and the fenestrasaurs, Cosesaurus, Sharovipteryx, Longisquama and pterosaurs.
  11. Lacertulus, Hoyalacerta and others are proto-squamates, nesting outside of the Squamata.
  12. Scandensia, Calanguban and Euposaurus are basal squamates.
  13. Geckos are the sister group to the clade that produced snakes.
  14. Ardeosaurus is a basal member of that proto-snake/snake clade that has aquatic members, like Pontosaurus, not related to mosasaurs.
  15. Burrowing snakes, like Leptotyphlops, are derived, not basal snakes.
  16. Amphisbaenids and Dibamus are derived skinks.
  17. Jesairosaurus and the drepanosaurs nest with kuehneosaurs as basal lepidosauriforms.

More later. Celebrating four years online this month.

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