Fun cardboard Pteranodon costume and model

Figure 1. Pteranodon costume with wings that fold in the plane of the wing.

Figure 1. Pteranodon costume with wings that fold in the plane of the wing with a distal membrane that extends to the anterior femur! Or is this a giant woodpecker team mascot?

Lisa Glover is a very creative person, doing great things with cardboard. Although this could be a woodpecker, Glover promotes it as a Pteranodon. More pix on her website where she writes, “what started as a homework assignment, quickly became a time machine to the cretaceous period. glover originally created a walking, wearable velociraptor and has now progressed to something a bit more challenging.”

Figure 2. Smaller more complete cardboard model of Pteranodon.

Figure 2. Smaller more complete cardboard model of Pteranodon. I like the widespread hind limbs and narrow chord wing membrane no deeper than the knee. 

On a similar note
If you’re in the mood for a cardboard cut out model, a few years earlier I offered this version of Pteranodon which you can download as a pdf then print on cover stock, cut out, fold, glue and hang from a string.

Build Your Own Pteranodon Paper Model

Click to download pdf. Build Your Own Pteranodon model on 8.5×11 inch paper.


4 thoughts on “Fun cardboard Pteranodon costume and model

  1. Hey Dave, thought you might get a kick out of seeing the renders for the Dimorphodon and Pteranodon in the new Jurassic World movie. Inaccurate as hell and the Dimorphodon’s head looks like a theropod’s pasted on the body, but I still think they look cool and actually the Pteranodon doesn’t look half bad. Remember they’re in a movie and supposed to be scary looking, not true to life!

  2. Have you seen this video

    It’s David Attenborough, so its very professional. The animation is superb, but unfortunately the wing membranes and walking of the pterosaurs is wanky as hell. I think you’ve conclusively shown (from the fossils, especially that Rhamphorynchus) that the wing membrane was close to the elbow and not on the ankles…But again my main gripe is the WALKING. It looks so stupid! Your animations are wonderful.

    I wish someone would give you a huge budget so you could make your own video with more… aesthetic pterosaurs. I’m sick of the word “accurate” because I don’t think accurate has a whole lot of meaning when we’re talking about things that are basically just scattered bones in the ground and there is oh so much room for interpretation. I think its right if it looks good. And your drawings look the best.

    Was it Dostoyevsky who said “beauty is truth, and truth beauty…”

    Well that’s all, sorry for the rant.

    P.S. sorry if this submitted several times, I’m having trouble getting the message through.

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