Stephen Czerkas

Paleoartist and writer Stephen Czerkas died this week.
I respected his artwork (Fig. 1). He was 63 years old.

Stephen Czerkas paleoartist with his most famous creation, before and after feathers.

Figure 1. Stephen Czerkas paleoartist with his most famous creation, Deinonychus, before and after feathers.

I only met Stephen Czerkas once, 
but saw his famous Deinonychus everywhere. He and his wife Sylvia were at or near the center of dinosaur reconstruction several decades ago when I was just a pup. They published several books. Opened a museum. Introduced the world to sauropod spines and made some bad decisions.

Stephen Czerkas was a serious worker, intent on ‘getting things right.’ To that end he added feathers to his Deinonychus (Fig. 1).

Sorry to see him go. He influenced us all.

Learn more here from Bill Stout’s homage to Stephen Czerkas.


2 thoughts on “Stephen Czerkas

  1. Damn, I was so sad to hear this. Stephen Czerkas was one of THE paleo-artists of the late 1980s and early 1990s – the time in my life when I was strongly influenced by dinosaurs and all things prehistoric and decided to dedicate my life to the study of the past. As as aspiring artist, I valued his skill highly. His artwork (especially his realistic sculptures) dominated a large part of the paleontological community, and his artwork was an iconic part of my dinosaur-loving childhood years. I will miss him terribly. One the true greats of paleo-art has gone. Rest in peace.

  2. Steve was a great friend and very generous. I just received the news of his passing. He was to young to leave us all wondering what he would have contributed in the years to come.
    I’m very sorry to hear of his passing.

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