Largest flying creature ever video on YouTube

Let’s start the new year off
with a new/old pterosaur video on YouTube. This is a reedited version of the earlier National Geographic Sky Monsters video reviewed earlier.

Figure 1. National Geographic pterosaur documentary on YouTube. Click to view.

Figure 1. National Geographic pterosaur documentary on YouTube. Click to view.

Quetzalcoatlus is featured, of course.

So is Margot Garritsen, a Dutch engineer and Stanford professor who leads a team intent on building a flying pterosaur based on Paul Sereno’s ornithocheirid from the Sahara. They were counting on greater success with lighter materials and a more accurate wing movement for flight control.

According to the video
we have no idea where they come from. Actually we’ve known this for 14 years. More academically published data is being suppressed, unfortunately. But you can find out more here.

Dino Frey (Natural History Museum of Karlsruhe) is featured with a giant ‘wing bone’ from Israel having only a cylindrical body without articular ends. Looks to be about 8 inches in diameter, more than 8 feet long (60-foot, 18 m wingspan or twice the size of Quetzalcoatlus). It made the news here and here. Giant pterosaurian footprints from Mexico appear to confirm the size, all discovered prior to 2005, still not published.

On that note:
Mark Witton reported on the DML in 2008, “However, subsequent reappraisals of the alleged discoveries suggested that the footprints belong to a large theropod dinosaur and the ‘wing bone’ is, in fact, a particularly large piece of fossil wood (E. Frey, pers. comm. 2007), suggesting claims of 20 m flying reptiles were somewhat premature.”

Yes, even PhDs sometimes make mistakes. And later in the video the giant pterosaur ‘bone’ is confirmed as wood. Other problems you’ll no doubt recognize. Lot’s of bad and speculative propaganda here.

Some good data from Kevin Padian on pterosaur landings. You can see an earlier  animation here, but the video has a new one in 3-D.





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