A case of convergent discovery

I removed the Jucaraseps (Bolet and Evans 2012) post
for December 06, 2014 on request as a professional courtesy to colleagues Sebastian Apesteguia and Michael Caldwell who wrote:

From MC:
“check it out…somebody has picked it up.  Posted two days ago. [website link deleted]

From SA:
“Dear David, We are preparing the media release for the paper on jurassic snakes. If you keep the post, they will not give us the importance we need to present the news. Could you retire the article until dec 27 or 28? Our article will be published aprox in dec 29. I will appreciate your help on this.”

This is a case of convergent discovery.
|For those who blackwash everything I do, hope this case of convergent discovery turns you around, if even a little. For those of you who saw the Dec. 06 post, evidently you got a sneak preview of an upcoming paper.

The Jucaraseps post will reappear December 29. 
Bolet and Evans (2012) nested Jucaraseps with Eichstaettisaurus, which reptileevolution.com earlier (several years ago) nested with snakes.

Bolet A and Evans SE 2012. A tiny lizard (Lepidosauria, Squamata) from the lower Cretaceous of Spain. Palaeontology 55:491-500.


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