Solenodonsaurus revealed by DGS

Solenodonsaurus is a crushed fossil basal reptile (Fig. 1). The skull has been difficult to interpret. Previous workers, including Carroll 1970 and Danto et al. 2012 both came up with the same outline, but the details were difficult to ascertain.

Figure 1. Solenodonsaurus interpreted using DGS. That's a 13 cm skull

Figure 1. Solenodonsaurus interpreted using DGS. That’s a 13 cm skull. The pineal opening has been difficult to find because a bony rod (hyoid? parasphenoid process?) sticks up through it. The naris is just beginning to bud off an antorbital fenestra. On the right the layers are segregated, and see how much clarity that brings! And then you can fit the parts together in a reconstruction, then compare that to sister taxa. It’s a longer process than just tracing.

Solenodonsaurus nests with chroniosuchids near the base of the Reptilia. If I made any mistakes, I’ll correct them with valid input.

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