ITunes disfigures Dimorphodon

Figure 1. ITunes SM Dinosaurs Dimorphodon. In a word: "awkward." Credit does go to the narrow chord wing membrane.

Figure 1. ITunes SM Dinosaurs Dimorphodon. Upper image, not too bad. Lower image, awkward. Is it getting ready to leap with forelimbs? Pedal digit 5 is useless here.  Tail vanes are unknown in dimorphodontids. Fingers appear too small. Credit goes to the narrow chord wing membrane. Let’s hope the wing finger is short due to foreshortening, but why run with the wing finger deployed? Image lightened to show detail.

Apple ITunes
is offering a dino app. Unfortunately it includes a badly configured Dimorphodon (Fig. 1) in a quadrupedal pose with hands far ahead of the shoulders. Perhaps it is getting ready to launch with forelimbs. While the Seeley inset was the inspiration, the app image takes it over the top. Missing a few fingers apparently and they’re too small as is. Great color and texture!

Here’s what Dimorphodon should look like: (Fig. 2).

Dimorphodon588What’s wrong with a bipedal Dimorphodon?
Like theropod dinosaurs, it has a right angle femoral head, appressed metatarsals, and long fingers with trenchant claws not well made for touching the ground. Sure the arms are long enough to reach the ground, but why should it? The closest known pterosaur tracks are single pedal ichnites matching anurognathids (Peters 2011).

Peters D 2011. A Catalog of Pterosaur Pedes for Trackmaker Identification. Ichnos, 18: 2, 114-141.

1 thought on “ITunes disfigures Dimorphodon

  1. The model of Dimorphodon you rant about is just one of a number of “free” prehistoric animal base models that have been circulating all over the Internet in stock art since 2011. I believe Mauricio Anton was in involved in the consultation on some of the mammal and protomammal designs, which look good. The rest of the models, though, are usually skin-wrapped monstrosities. The attachment of the cheiropatigum and cruropatagium on the pterosaurs is unrealistic (not ENOUGH actinofibrils to support the membrane – NOT COOL), and the feathered dinosaurs look as though the quills were just glued on.

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