Tsk. Tsk. New Cosmos rehashes 25-year-old evolution sequence from old Cosmos

Figure 1. Cosmos logo

Figure 1. Cosmos logo

In part 2 of the new 13-part Cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, they presented a wonderful panorama of evolution — until they came to the end where they re-presented Carl Sagan’s original cartoon evolution of humans from single-cell organisms.

As one who has written a book on the subject, From the Beginning, the story of human evolution (Peters 1991), and constructed a website on the subject, ReptileEvolution.com, I know the sequence from 25 years ago should not include tunicates or any sessile organisms, spiny sharks and sphenacodonts. Too bad the producers did not update that.

We know better now.
After all, the WHOLE POINT of the new Cosmos is to UPDATE the old stuff!!!

The other minor problem showed Dimetrodon at the Permo-Triassic extinction event, which is not true.

Peters D 1991. From the Beginning, The Story of Human Evolution. Little Brown.


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