Short hiatus – hdd crash

Apologies to faithful followers of the Pterosaur Heresies.

Over the weekend while trying to download Maverick (the latest OS from Apple) I had a hard drive crash. All files were backed up. So the inconvenience will only last 3-5 business days.

I’m at the public library at the moment.

This is a good time to send in requests, by the way. If you have any phylogenetic mysteries you want some discussion about (please keep it in the range of basal reptiles (avoid higher mammals and higher dinosaurs, please, as these have been adequately covered in the literature).

Thank you for your patience.

Some interesting reports are “in the hopper.”

For followers of the Dinosaur Mailing List, they are also experiencing computer problems, according to Mary Kirkaldy (per. comm).

3 thoughts on “Short hiatus – hdd crash

    • And: Vila, B., Oms, O., Galobart, A. 2005. Manus-only titanosaurid trackway from Fumanya (Maastrichtian, Pyrenees): further evidence for an underprint origin. Lethaia. 38: 211-218

    • Just getting up to steam after the crash. Every footprint tells its own story. Having seen super deep sauropod forelimb tracks in lateral view in Colorado, that must have been produced in very wet substrates, I have trouble converting that into super lightweight pterosaurs, other than to have the hind limbs do a little floating as shown earlier.

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