Walking with Dinosaurs – The Movie

Well, it’s getting bad reviews, mostly and only for the sound track. Otherwise it looks spectacular, except for the disfigured pterosaurs. Here’s the poster with editorial comments added, followed by a selection of reviewer comments from rottentomatoes.com

Figure 1. Walking with Dinosaurs poster.

Figure 1. Walking with Dinosaurs poster. Again, disfigured pterosaurs.

RottenTomatoes.com Reviews:
“The photo-realistic look is striking, but the dialogue is occasionally wince-inducing. Think a sub-par Flintstones episode.”

“The beauty and majesty of the great creatures is marred a bit by too much focus on poop and barf jokes, silly winks at the audience,” and distracting anthropomorphism.”

“If you’re a fan of the 1999 BBC documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs and are hoping for more of the same, get ready for an Apatosaurus-sized level of disappointment from Walking with Dinosaurs 3D.”

“Features animation stunning and accurate enough to make up for its simple story and unnecessary voice-over dialogue.”

“Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie boasts some impressive special effects but is ultimately let down by a terrible script, a dull story and a poorly conceived American voice dub that is extremely grating.”

YouTube previews London Gala Screening here and here.

Standard trailer here.

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