The Peabody Torosaurus by Mike Anderson, sculptor


The video “Creating the Peabody Torosaurus” is a fascinating and educational documentary of the sculpting of the museum’s entry piece. Sculptor Mike Anderson went to high school with me. Small world. Neither of us showed any interest in sculpture or dinosaurs back then. Click to visit the Peabody website.

The 30-minute video “Creating the Peabody’s Torosaurus is featured today chiefly because the sculptor, Mike Anderson, is an old high school chum (1972, Parkway Central High, Chesterfield, MO, a suburb of St. Louis), and also because this is a great piece of scientific artwork.

This video has been around for several years and I’m overdue in giving it the credit it deserves. Jacques Gauthier narrates.

Sculptors and dino-lovers alike will enjoy and learn from this fascinating a well-produced video of a carefully crafted dinosaur. From bones to clay to wax and finally in bronze, this remarkable marriage of science and art will become a welcome addition to any collection.

At the 20th reunion (twenty years ago) Mike showed me photos of his Lucy, the australopithecine. So he knows his stuff. Experts have called on him for some pretty monumental work.

You will be wowed. I was too.

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