You guys deserve a break today from all the doggone specimens and hypotheses. This blog follows the earlier one on aberrant taxa [they look like one clade, but actually belong in another]. Here’s one of the best examples of convergence I’ve come across. Click to play. Relax and enjoy.

Angelina lookalike

Click to play. I came across this quite by accident while searching for Rolling Stones videos.

The two girls who look so very much alike came from different parts of the world had different parents, different grandparents, etc. etc. Just shows it can happen.

And on a lighter note :- )
Other examples in the reptile family tree include Lagerpeton + Tropidosuchus converging with basal bipedal crocs and dinos.

Turtles and Eunotosaurus and shelled basal placodonts and shelled derived placodonts.

Basal diapsids and basal lepidosaurs.

Macrocnemus and Prolacerta.

Crocs and parasuchians.

Draco and Icarosaurus.

I’m sure you can think of others…

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