Build Your Own Paper Pteranodon!

 Build Your Own Pteranodon Paper Model

Click to download pdf. Build Your Own Pteranodon Paper Model

Happy Thanksgiving (here in the USA)!

Download the pdf. Print out on 8.5×11″ “cover stock” paper.
Cut out the pieces. Fold them as instructed. Glue them together.
Run piano wire under the wings if you don’t want them to droop.
Hang on thread.

This model might fly, but the landing will bend the rostrum!


From your friend at The Pterosaur Heresies.

Thanks for coming back.


2 thoughts on “Build Your Own Paper Pteranodon!

  1. Thanks David. I’m so sick of looking at inaccurate pterosaurs. By the way, do you think that the elongated digit 5(?) that you always see on the smaller pterosaurs (like Dimorphodon) was attached to the uropatagia? Almost every pterosaur reconstruction I see leaves that toe free, when it is obviously parallel to the wing finger and must of been part of the back hind wing. Of course the bigger pterosaurs like this pteranodon seem to have lost it and I think you’re probably right in attaching the uropatagia to the ankles.

    • Thanks, Matthew.
      Remember an elongated pedal digit 5 is a primitive trait that preceded the development of wings and uropatagia. See Huehuecuetzpalli, Tanystropheus, Langobardisaurus and Cosesaurus. So it was not attached to the uropatagia, even in Sordes it is not attached, as previously reported.

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